Monthly Archives: August 2007

End of summer craft

bags.jpgI like to have a small, portable craft I can work on when the TV or an audiobook is on, or when I’m going to be a passenger on a long car ride. (I try not to craft when I’m the driver…) This month I’ve been churning out round knitted bags out of cotton yarn. Basically, I made a tube with eyelets for a drawstring at the top, then made a lining and bottom from cloth. I figure they’ll make good gifts, but so far I don’t want to part with any of them!

I know, it’s a crummy picture. I took it with a cheapo digital camera I got at Rite Aid for $9.


Hello world!

Here’s the deal: how do I live in a low-carbon impact, green, responsible, non-wasteful, tree-hugging way when I am addicted to high-tech toys? How do I evade the American way of buying and discarding stuff all the time? I live in a country where “shopping” is something you do to kill an afternoon, and “going to the mall” is something teenagers do for fun. We bring home little plastic bags of stuff we don’t need and will throw out within the year. Who needs more plastic earrings from Claire’s? Who needs one more cheaply made shirt from Target?

I’m going to attempt to live more responsibly on the earth.