Monthly Archives: September 2007

Advent Garland

Fabric OrnamentI was inspired by the beautiful Advent garland I saw on the SouleMama blog to make something similar for my Oakland niece’s Christmas gift. So I made some fabric stockings, ornaments, trees, and gifts to hang up for the Advent season. Each has a little pocket or a loop where a tiny gift can be enclosed or attached. I haven’t figured out yet what I’m going to attach them to…ribbon? i-Cord? Anyway, now I get to think of a couple dozen little things to put in them. This is especially fun, because her birthday falls during Advent, too, so day 22 will have her birthday present in it.

I made all 25 out of my existing fabric stash, too. I’ll have to think very carefully, and if I can make all the little gifties from supplies I’ve already got, so it’ll be a Green Christmas!


Clearance Sale Bonanza

How I love clearance sales. My grandmother’s wonderful sewing tin has reached a state of dilapidation that can’t be fixed any longer, since the folding handles have bent so many times that they’re going to snap off. So I snapped up a clearance item at Michaels today: a fabric-covered sewing box for $3, including a slew of sewing notions and six spools of thread. The inside needs some hot glue, because the supports which hold up the upper tray came loose, which is why it was on clearance, but I can fix that up in a jiffy. Tomorrow I’m going to hit the Labor Day sale at JoAnn Fabrics. Gosh, I just love my friends JoAnn and Michael…