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Old Dress, New Top

BeforeI’m very proud of this refashion!  It started as a demure green velvet dress from Land’s End.  I remember wearing it when my elder daughter was a baby, which was…um…more than 12 years ago.  The cloth is lovely–cotton velvet with a little Lycra for stretch and drape–and I just couldn’t bear to throw it away–the fit was very forgiving at holiday time.  But at 40-something, I just don’t do demure anymore.

AfterIt has an empire waist, so I decided to turn it into a tunic top.  First I converted the neckline to a V-neck.  (I really learned a lot from fellow refashioners about sewing stretchy material.)   Then I trimmed the bottom and hemmed it so it falls mid-thigh instead of just below the knee (not a flattering length for a short, round person.)  I wore it to work today!

Now I need to make myself a nice red or black skirt to go with this–when I tried wearing it over my black velvet skirt, the static cling was quite noticeable!  I need something satiny, I think.


Free Rice

freerice.jpgNow here’s a cool idea. Several major companies (Macy’s, Apple, Office Depot, American Express, and many others) are paying to sponsor a vocabulary game. Whenever a player correctly identifies the proper synonym for the displayed word, a 10 grains of rice are donated to the UN World Food Program. Back on October 7, 830 grains of rice were donated. By the end of October, daily totals were in the tens of thousands. As of today, over 3 billion grains have been donated. How wonderful is that?

This reminds me of the marvelous story of the foolish king who knew neither his arithmetic, nor the difference a grain of rice might make to hungry people. Look for One Grain of Rice by Demi, or The King’s Chessboard, by David Birch.

Crafty girls strike again!

rachelcater-002.jpgMy immensely talented younger daughter has been crafty again. Here’s the costume she’s going to wear in her school’s production of Alice in Wonderland. She’s the Caterpillar (” ‘Who are you?’ said the Caterpillar.”) and designed and created her own costume. She’s amazing!

Meanwhile, my immensely talented older daughter has been taking dozens (hundreds?) of photos for photography class, and kindly takes photos to order for my websites. Here’s one of her photos, taken for a library website.

glasses and books

Skirt Refashion

pantsugly flap on back pocketsHurray! I’ve finished another Wardrobe Refashion! Inspired by another refashioner post (thank you, thank you, machen/machen!) , I took a pair of wide-legged Christopher Banks pants and turned them into a skirt. I will say with some pride that they were a consignment shop purchase last year, so I paid only a few dollars for them.  I really liked the fabric, which didn’t photograph very well, because the silvery thread reflects the light so much, but is nice against the navy.  And it has a drawstring waist, to acommodate the…er…ever-changing nature of my post-Halloween-candy and pre-holiday waistline.

I had some trouble seam-ripping, because all the seams were French seams. It took FOREVER to undo the inside seam of the pant legs–one whole episode of Numbers!–and I will have to admit that I made a slight tear removing the hideous ugly patch pockets in the rear. I always hated the pockets; I had to iron them like crazy so they’d lie flat. new skirt!I ended up ironing a patch on the inside. Fortunately the fabric is very dark and so my newbie error is fairly well hidden. (Note to self: next time, refashion something poorly made!)

I sewed two new seams, front and aft, with a slit in the back for walking, and voila! I’m going to wear my new skirt tomorrow.

Just your basic pillows…

Made for my parents’ bedroom in their new (well, one year-old) house.  I have MUCH more crafting to do before Christmas, so I’m clearing the decks of as many projects as I can.  (You know, all the ones that get piled up in the corners, or are still in plastic bags from the craft / fabric store.)


sox.jpgWell, it’s getting colder in upstate NY–we finally had a frost!– so here’s my next Wardrobe Refashion project:   I made myself a pair of slippers using the pattern on Miss Twiss.  They’re comfy and warm.

Time for down comforters, fleece robes, slippers, and hot tea.