Skirt Refashion

pantsugly flap on back pocketsHurray! I’ve finished another Wardrobe Refashion! Inspired by another refashioner post (thank you, thank you, machen/machen!) , I took a pair of wide-legged Christopher Banks pants and turned them into a skirt. I will say with some pride that they were a consignment shop purchase last year, so I paid only a few dollars for them.  I really liked the fabric, which didn’t photograph very well, because the silvery thread reflects the light so much, but is nice against the navy.  And it has a drawstring waist, to acommodate the…er…ever-changing nature of my post-Halloween-candy and pre-holiday waistline.

I had some trouble seam-ripping, because all the seams were French seams. It took FOREVER to undo the inside seam of the pant legs–one whole episode of Numbers!–and I will have to admit that I made a slight tear removing the hideous ugly patch pockets in the rear. I always hated the pockets; I had to iron them like crazy so they’d lie flat. new skirt!I ended up ironing a patch on the inside. Fortunately the fabric is very dark and so my newbie error is fairly well hidden. (Note to self: next time, refashion something poorly made!)

I sewed two new seams, front and aft, with a slit in the back for walking, and voila! I’m going to wear my new skirt tomorrow.


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