Monthly Archives: December 2007

craft, craft, as fast as you can…

a few other crafty items:Chef

…a Gingerbread Boy for my younger Boston niece…

…a chef’s hat and apron for my Rochester niece….and cloth napkins for my Boston aunt and uncle, and for my grandmother.
go, go, Gryffindor...I also finished a long scarf for my Oakland niece, who is definitely in Gryffindor House, “where dwell the brave at heart.”

Madly Crafting

refashtop-014.jpgIt’s been a very busy couple of weeks. I finally finished a little quilt wall-hanging, 2 x 3 feet, for my parents for Christmas. It’s about a year late… The layout comes from Quick Watercolor Quilts, a lovely little book with beautiful small quilts. (The only thing wrong with the book is that it doesn’t tell the beginner how to cut triangles for half-and-half squares. It’s a good thing I already knew how to do that…) My mother picked the colors, and I flatter myself that it came out quite pretty!

Satin Skirt

Satin SkirtI finally made a black satin skirt to go with my refashioned green velvet top. This was a quick New Look skirt, pattern 6294. Even though this probably falls into the category of “Pattens for the Craft-Challenged,” I still managed to accidentally cut off three inches from the hem. Ah, well.
I wore my new outfit to a Christmas party on Saturday night.

Doesn’t my closet look nice? It’s part of what I like to call “Perpetuating the Great Lie,” which means my house will look nice when my sister and my cousin come to visit during the holidays. We will all pretend that this is what my house looks like the REST of the time.