Snow Day!

Say what you like about the climate of upstate New York. The snow…the 60 mph wind that has been battering my house for the last 10 hours…the icy roads…If I lived someplace warmer, would I have had a day off from work today because of the weather? I think not!

After lounging about reading with a pot of coffee at my elbow, I finally got around to some projects sitting in my workroom. My family has recently joined a gym, and I’ve found that my “workout clothes,” formerly known as “sitting around in” clothes, were mostly too worn to wear in public. I treated myself to some new fabric in a pretty leaf green, and set about making a new pair of exercise pants–in the “old days,” we called this sweatpants, though I noticed all the “sweats” at the stores are billed as “yoga” clothes or “workout” clothes.

I bought a pattern, which of course I lost somewhere between the fabric store and home. Perhaps it fell out when I walked along the sidewalk to meet my daughters. Grrr. Arrrrgh. I went through my scanty stock of patterns and found a 20-year old pattern from my college days (Hey, the 80’s are practically VINTAGE, right?)

The pants turned out baggier than is currently fashionable, but since I am baggier than is currently fashionable, they’ll be fine. I’m sure, scientifically speaking, that my figure guarantees my daughters’ wits.


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