Monthly Archives: March 2008

Winter Storm

A perfect day for taking pictures in the snow…and stopping every few seconds to yell, “Miranda! Get over here!” as the dog disappears around the corner of the house to investigate the far more interesting world out of my line of sight. I’m finding real satisfaction in digital photos, probably because I never had the patience required by the artists who work with film.

Here’s the dragon that guards our house.  You can see me in the photo, too…look into the crystal ball!


Okay, everybody, that’s a wrap

wrap skirtI spent a couple of hours sorting through my fabric stash.  I’ve been very good lately, buying fabric only for a specific purpose, and not just ’cause it’s pretty.  This has been VERY DIFFICULT, because I love fabric.  It whispers seductively that the perfect purpose will arise, and if I don’t have this fabric on hand I’ll be very, very sorry.

So when an ice storm hit, I had lots of choices on hand to make a wrap skirt to wear with leggings.  I used some instructions I found on as my inspiration, and drafted a very simple pattern on heavy tissue paper.  I had to adjust the measurements I found online to fit my older  more mature curvier figure.  I used bias tape for the border of the skirt, except at the top, where I made my own.  I attached ribbon ties and voilà!…it’s a wrap.  The next one I make is going to be longer.