Monthly Archives: September 2008

You need rain? Wait ’til I hang the laundry…

Whenever the garden gets dry, I can always fix that up by hanging laundry on the line.

I asked my husband to fix a laundry pole for me (for any youngsters out there, the weight of the wet laundry drags the clothesline down, and you stick the pole under the line and hoist it up a bit so the laundry is off the ground.)  I wanted something that wouldn’t come crashing down and kill the dog if there was a bit of wind, so Physics Boy fixed me up with a old volleyball net pole with a key-ring thing on the end to attach to the laundry line. Isn’t he smart?  What a great refashion!

I’ve just finished reading Animal, Vegetable, Miracle and so was all fired up to eat locally, save energy, grown my own veggies, and generally save the planet.  I did manage to work in the garden a little, pick some veggies for a neighbor, and hang a little laundry (cue rain) but my venture into the new Wegmans grocery store in Henrietta just made me depressed.  A sign out front says that Wegmans was selling “57 varieties of organic produce today!” and a big sign as I entered explained Wegmans’ commitment to local growers.   I asked the employee working in the produce department how I could identify local produce, and he said he thought there would be a sign.  There was–by the corn.  So here we are in New York harvest time, and everything I picked up was from California!

Back to the farmers’ market.