A cute giveaway from an Etsy shop was featured on the Crafty Crow today.   The Etsy Shop, Starbugaloo Designs, features baby items made from recycled / refurbished / reused materials.  Wonderful!  There’s also a giveaway of books from Usborne–a great non-fiction children’s publisher.  Do take a peek at the Crafty Crow if you haven’t visited before.  I get lots of great art ideas for my students and my own family there.

I’m very, very tempted to take the plunge and open an Etsy shop of my own.  I have so many ideas (though so little time..) for things I could make, and I love the whole idea of Etsy.  My daughters received beautiful jewelry last year from an Etsy seller (whose name escapes my memory) and I’ve seen some fabulously beautiful things in a colleague’s shop, too.  I’d love to be a part of that community…


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  1. Thank you, for stopping by Crafty Crow and signing up for the Usborne Books drawing. Good luck!

    You are welcome to stop by and sign up every month for my $50 in Usborne Books drawing.

    If getting your Usborne Books with a Lifetime Discount AND for FREE sounds good, please call me at
    866.454.BOOK .

    Tressa Book Nut Nelson

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