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My first Instructable!

I’m very proud of myself!  I just made a set of fabric-covered barrettes with a matching fabric hairband, and took a few photos while I was working.  I just made my first Instructable! Take a look!


Okay, everybody, that’s a wrap

wrap skirtI spent a couple of hours sorting through my fabric stash.  I’ve been very good lately, buying fabric only for a specific purpose, and not just ’cause it’s pretty.  This has been VERY DIFFICULT, because I love fabric.  It whispers seductively that the perfect purpose will arise, and if I don’t have this fabric on hand I’ll be very, very sorry.

So when an ice storm hit, I had lots of choices on hand to make a wrap skirt to wear with leggings.  I used some instructions I found on as my inspiration, and drafted a very simple pattern on heavy tissue paper.  I had to adjust the measurements I found online to fit my older  more mature curvier figure.  I used bias tape for the border of the skirt, except at the top, where I made my own.  I attached ribbon ties and voilà!…it’s a wrap.  The next one I make is going to be longer.

Snow Day!

Say what you like about the climate of upstate New York. The snow…the 60 mph wind that has been battering my house for the last 10 hours…the icy roads…If I lived someplace warmer, would I have had a day off from work today because of the weather? I think not!

After lounging about reading with a pot of coffee at my elbow, I finally got around to some projects sitting in my workroom. My family has recently joined a gym, and I’ve found that my “workout clothes,” formerly known as “sitting around in” clothes, were mostly too worn to wear in public. I treated myself to some new fabric in a pretty leaf green, and set about making a new pair of exercise pants–in the “old days,” we called this sweatpants, though I noticed all the “sweats” at the stores are billed as “yoga” clothes or “workout” clothes.

I bought a pattern, which of course I lost somewhere between the fabric store and home. Perhaps it fell out when I walked along the sidewalk to meet my daughters. Grrr. Arrrrgh. I went through my scanty stock of patterns and found a 20-year old pattern from my college days (Hey, the 80’s are practically VINTAGE, right?)

The pants turned out baggier than is currently fashionable, but since I am baggier than is currently fashionable, they’ll be fine. I’m sure, scientifically speaking, that my figure guarantees my daughters’ wits.

Satin Skirt

Satin SkirtI finally made a black satin skirt to go with my refashioned green velvet top. This was a quick New Look skirt, pattern 6294. Even though this probably falls into the category of “Pattens for the Craft-Challenged,” I still managed to accidentally cut off three inches from the hem. Ah, well.
I wore my new outfit to a Christmas party on Saturday night.

Doesn’t my closet look nice? It’s part of what I like to call “Perpetuating the Great Lie,” which means my house will look nice when my sister and my cousin come to visit during the holidays. We will all pretend that this is what my house looks like the REST of the time.

Old Dress, New Top

BeforeI’m very proud of this refashion!  It started as a demure green velvet dress from Land’s End.  I remember wearing it when my elder daughter was a baby, which was…um…more than 12 years ago.  The cloth is lovely–cotton velvet with a little Lycra for stretch and drape–and I just couldn’t bear to throw it away–the fit was very forgiving at holiday time.  But at 40-something, I just don’t do demure anymore.

AfterIt has an empire waist, so I decided to turn it into a tunic top.  First I converted the neckline to a V-neck.  (I really learned a lot from fellow refashioners about sewing stretchy material.)   Then I trimmed the bottom and hemmed it so it falls mid-thigh instead of just below the knee (not a flattering length for a short, round person.)  I wore it to work today!

Now I need to make myself a nice red or black skirt to go with this–when I tried wearing it over my black velvet skirt, the static cling was quite noticeable!  I need something satiny, I think.

Crafty girls strike again!

rachelcater-002.jpgMy immensely talented younger daughter has been crafty again. Here’s the costume she’s going to wear in her school’s production of Alice in Wonderland. She’s the Caterpillar (” ‘Who are you?’ said the Caterpillar.”) and designed and created her own costume. She’s amazing!

Meanwhile, my immensely talented older daughter has been taking dozens (hundreds?) of photos for photography class, and kindly takes photos to order for my websites. Here’s one of her photos, taken for a library website.

glasses and books


sox.jpgWell, it’s getting colder in upstate NY–we finally had a frost!– so here’s my next Wardrobe Refashion project:   I made myself a pair of slippers using the pattern on Miss Twiss.  They’re comfy and warm.

Time for down comforters, fleece robes, slippers, and hot tea.