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A cute giveaway from an Etsy shop was featured on the Crafty Crow today.   The Etsy Shop, Starbugaloo Designs, features baby items made from recycled / refurbished / reused materials.  Wonderful!  There’s also a giveaway of books from Usborne–a great non-fiction children’s publisher.  Do take a peek at the Crafty Crow if you haven’t visited before.  I get lots of great art ideas for my students and my own family there.

I’m very, very tempted to take the plunge and open an Etsy shop of my own.  I have so many ideas (though so little time..) for things I could make, and I love the whole idea of Etsy.  My daughters received beautiful jewelry last year from an Etsy seller (whose name escapes my memory) and I’ve seen some fabulously beautiful things in a colleague’s shop, too.  I’d love to be a part of that community…


You need rain? Wait ’til I hang the laundry…

Whenever the garden gets dry, I can always fix that up by hanging laundry on the line.

I asked my husband to fix a laundry pole for me (for any youngsters out there, the weight of the wet laundry drags the clothesline down, and you stick the pole under the line and hoist it up a bit so the laundry is off the ground.)  I wanted something that wouldn’t come crashing down and kill the dog if there was a bit of wind, so Physics Boy fixed me up with a old volleyball net pole with a key-ring thing on the end to attach to the laundry line. Isn’t he smart?  What a great refashion!

I’ve just finished reading Animal, Vegetable, Miracle and so was all fired up to eat locally, save energy, grown my own veggies, and generally save the planet.  I did manage to work in the garden a little, pick some veggies for a neighbor, and hang a little laundry (cue rain) but my venture into the new Wegmans grocery store in Henrietta just made me depressed.  A sign out front says that Wegmans was selling “57 varieties of organic produce today!” and a big sign as I entered explained Wegmans’ commitment to local growers.   I asked the employee working in the produce department how I could identify local produce, and he said he thought there would be a sign.  There was–by the corn.  So here we are in New York harvest time, and everything I picked up was from California!

Back to the farmers’ market.

Blog Action Day

recycle.JPGOct. 15 is “Blog Action Day,” the day 12,000 blogs are talking about the environment. Cool. Because that’s why I’ve really begun blogging.

I recently read a biography of Gandhi, and in the book was a picture of the very few things Gandhi owned. I opened my closet and my dresser, and looked at the dozens–perhaps hundreds, counting the socks–of things I own just to wear. When I add in the house and the books and the food items, kitchen supplies, furniture…the list goes on and on. And still we shop, and buy, and throw out, and shop some more.

For Blog Action Day, I figured I post my favorite second-hand clothing shops in upstate NY. I’ve been a fan of “recycled” clothing ever since the days when my mother taught me to shop at a huge sale sponsored by a local private school. I’d bring in things I didn’t want any more, visit the sale and buy second hand clothes, and then enjoy the check I’d get a few weeks later. (Thanks, Mom!) Then I had two daughters of my own, and found out just how expensive it can be to buy retail.

My favorite consignment shop in the Rochester, NY area has GOT to be Lu’s Back Door in Fairport, NY. It’s staffed by the most wonderful people, and has great stuff on the racks. My daughters and I just discovered a second-hand place not far from us that specializes in teen apparel: Plato’s Closet. We found some nice things, and the girls are planning to clean out their closets and see what they might have to sell.

Reduce. Reuse. Recycle.


Refashion ButtonI have taken the Wardrobe Refashion Pledge for 2 months. Here’s what I promise: I, Turrean, pledge that I shall abstain from the purchase of “new” manufactured items of clothing, for the period of 2 months. I pledge that I shall refashion, renovate, recycle pre-loved items for myself with my own hands in fabric, yarn or other medium for the term of my contract. I pledge that I will share the love and post a photo of my refashioned, renovated, recycled, crafted or created item of clothing on the Wardrobe Refashion blog, so that others may share the joy that thriftiness brings!

Signed, Turrean

Hello world!

Here’s the deal: how do I live in a low-carbon impact, green, responsible, non-wasteful, tree-hugging way when I am addicted to high-tech toys? How do I evade the American way of buying and discarding stuff all the time? I live in a country where “shopping” is something you do to kill an afternoon, and “going to the mall” is something teenagers do for fun. We bring home little plastic bags of stuff we don’t need and will throw out within the year. Who needs more plastic earrings from Claire’s? Who needs one more cheaply made shirt from Target?

I’m going to attempt to live more responsibly on the earth.