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Skirt Refashion

pantsugly flap on back pocketsHurray! I’ve finished another Wardrobe Refashion! Inspired by another refashioner post (thank you, thank you, machen/machen!) , I took a pair of wide-legged Christopher Banks pants and turned them into a skirt. I will say with some pride that they were a consignment shop purchase last year, so I paid only a few dollars for them.  I really liked the fabric, which didn’t photograph very well, because the silvery thread reflects the light so much, but is nice against the navy.  And it has a drawstring waist, to acommodate the…er…ever-changing nature of my post-Halloween-candy and pre-holiday waistline.

I had some trouble seam-ripping, because all the seams were French seams. It took FOREVER to undo the inside seam of the pant legs–one whole episode of Numbers!–and I will have to admit that I made a slight tear removing the hideous ugly patch pockets in the rear. I always hated the pockets; I had to iron them like crazy so they’d lie flat. new skirt!I ended up ironing a patch on the inside. Fortunately the fabric is very dark and so my newbie error is fairly well hidden. (Note to self: next time, refashion something poorly made!)

I sewed two new seams, front and aft, with a slit in the back for walking, and voila! I’m going to wear my new skirt tomorrow.


Refashioning too-short pants

ww-020.jpgLast night I finished Refashion #2–and I actually used the sewing machine! These black denim pants were languishing in my closet–too hot for summer, but too short to wear in winter, ’cause they look ridiculously short with socks and shoes. I bought them second-hand last year and only wore them a couple of times. I figured I needed about 2 inches more on the hem. Since today was “school colors” day, I opted for some funky new cuffs in black, blue, and orange, with a matching belt. Sash. Whatever.ww-028.jpg

I cut two long strips that were the same length as the distance round the bottom of the pants leg,  sewed the ends together, pressed the seam open.  Then I turned in the sides, folded it in half, fit it onto the bottom of the pants leg, pinned it, and sewed it on.

The sash was two long strips sewn together, folded right sides together, sewn along the side.  Then I tore the fabric trying to turn it right-side out and had to cut off six inches of the sash turned the tube right-side out and sewed closed the ends.
ww-025.jpgThe really nice thing about this was that I didn’t need to do anything to the pants themselves except sew on the cuff.  If I tire of the relentless cheerfulness of the blue and orange cuffs, I can snip ’em off and sew on satin or eyelet or whatever takes my fancy.  If I were REALLY clever, I’d figure out how to make interchangeable cuffs, with velcro or buttons or something, but it  was late…

So here are the finished pants.  I wore them today with my blue and orange school shirt.  Go Bulldogs!


Refashion ButtonI have taken the Wardrobe Refashion Pledge for 2 months. Here’s what I promise: I, Turrean, pledge that I shall abstain from the purchase of “new” manufactured items of clothing, for the period of 2 months. I pledge that I shall refashion, renovate, recycle pre-loved items for myself with my own hands in fabric, yarn or other medium for the term of my contract. I pledge that I will share the love and post a photo of my refashioned, renovated, recycled, crafted or created item of clothing on the Wardrobe Refashion blog, so that others may share the joy that thriftiness brings!

Signed, Turrean

Clearance Sale Bonanza

How I love clearance sales. My grandmother’s wonderful sewing tin has reached a state of dilapidation that can’t be fixed any longer, since the folding handles have bent so many times that they’re going to snap off. So I snapped up a clearance item at Michaels today: a fabric-covered sewing box for $3, including a slew of sewing notions and six spools of thread. The inside needs some hot glue, because the supports which hold up the upper tray came loose, which is why it was on clearance, but I can fix that up in a jiffy. Tomorrow I’m going to hit the Labor Day sale at JoAnn Fabrics. Gosh, I just love my friends JoAnn and Michael…