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T-shirt refashion

In my drawer are a few Lands End long-sleeve t-shirts that I’ve had absolutely forever. I can’t wear them anywhere but at home, because of the little stains, holes, and tears. I’d been wanting to make some “half gloves” from a tutorial on Stitch Lounge, so I decided to see what I could come up with for the rest of one of my workhorse shirts.

I cut off the sleeves, and made the “half-glove” arm-warmers. Then I cut off the sides and neckline of the t-shirt (including the stains under the arms–bleah.) I added strips of funky fabric to the sides, and then made some double-fold bias tape for the armholes and neckline. The point of the neckline in front caused me a bit of worry, but I sewed that thing flat…

I’d love to report that I did this all very scientifically with measurements and all, but in truth I grabbed another t-shirt from a drawer and used it as a rough guide. I also must be truthful and say I screwed up the hemline of the shirt by (arrgh) cutting the first fabric strip even with the existing hem, forgetting about adding 5/8 to turn under. So I’ll have to put bias tape over that, too.

I’m very pleased with how it came out. Not that I can wear it any time soon, as it is currently 5 degrees F here in upstate New York. I have lots of t-shirts that I can convert this way. Next time I’ll make the armhole binding thinner, and I’ll have a better hemline. I think I need to make the top of the arm-warmer smaller, too. It won’t matter if I’m wearing it under something, but I don’t want them to slide down my arm when I’m wearing them with the t-shirt.


Satin Skirt

Satin SkirtI finally made a black satin skirt to go with my refashioned green velvet top. This was a quick New Look skirt, pattern 6294. Even though this probably falls into the category of “Pattens for the Craft-Challenged,” I still managed to accidentally cut off three inches from the hem. Ah, well.
I wore my new outfit to a Christmas party on Saturday night.

Doesn’t my closet look nice? It’s part of what I like to call “Perpetuating the Great Lie,” which means my house will look nice when my sister and my cousin come to visit during the holidays. We will all pretend that this is what my house looks like the REST of the time.

Just your basic pillows…

Made for my parents’ bedroom in their new (well, one year-old) house.  I have MUCH more crafting to do before Christmas, so I’m clearing the decks of as many projects as I can.  (You know, all the ones that get piled up in the corners, or are still in plastic bags from the craft / fabric store.)

End of summer craft

bags.jpgI like to have a small, portable craft I can work on when the TV or an audiobook is on, or when I’m going to be a passenger on a long car ride. (I try not to craft when I’m the driver…) This month I’ve been churning out round knitted bags out of cotton yarn. Basically, I made a tube with eyelets for a drawstring at the top, then made a lining and bottom from cloth. I figure they’ll make good gifts, but so far I don’t want to part with any of them!

I know, it’s a crummy picture. I took it with a cheapo digital camera I got at Rite Aid for $9.