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Blog Action Day

recycle.JPGOct. 15 is “Blog Action Day,” the day 12,000 blogs are talking about the environment. Cool. Because that’s why I’ve really begun blogging.

I recently read a biography of Gandhi, and in the book was a picture of the very few things Gandhi owned. I opened my closet and my dresser, and looked at the dozens–perhaps hundreds, counting the socks–of things I own just to wear. When I add in the house and the books and the food items, kitchen supplies, furniture…the list goes on and on. And still we shop, and buy, and throw out, and shop some more.

For Blog Action Day, I figured I post my favorite second-hand clothing shops in upstate NY. I’ve been a fan of “recycled” clothing ever since the days when my mother taught me to shop at a huge sale sponsored by a local private school. I’d bring in things I didn’t want any more, visit the sale and buy second hand clothes, and then enjoy the check I’d get a few weeks later. (Thanks, Mom!) Then I had two daughters of my own, and found out just how expensive it can be to buy retail.

My favorite consignment shop in the Rochester, NY area has GOT to be Lu’s Back Door in Fairport, NY. It’s staffed by the most wonderful people, and has great stuff on the racks. My daughters and I just discovered a second-hand place not far from us that specializes in teen apparel: Plato’s Closet. We found some nice things, and the girls are planning to clean out their closets and see what they might have to sell.

Reduce. Reuse. Recycle.